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Give Yourself A Professional Men’s Haircut At Home

A men’s haircut at home isn’t as hard as it looks. By learning some simple techniques, men can maintain a clean cut even when they can’t make twice monthly trips to the professionals.

First off, we cover which tools men should have on hand. Second, we offer a simple-to-follow tutorial for how to clean up the neckline, buzz the sides, blend the top, cut the front, and trim a beard and mustache.

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How To Cut Men’s Hair at Home Like a Pro

It doesn’t take long for a sharp men’s haircut to begin looking overgrown. But if you are trying to be frugal, you probably don’t want to shell out for a trim at the barber every couple of weeks. Fortunately, with the right tools and a little effort, you can cut men’s hair at home like a pro.

Multi-purpose hair clippers with a variety of attachment sizes will allow you to trim your beard or hair to a uniform length and get your sides nice and short. A tapered barber comb with small and large teeth and a towel to catch loose hair will also prove helpful. If you’re trimming your own hair, you’ll want both a handheld mirror and a larger mirror so you can easily see the back. Professional shears (rather than regular old scissors) may also be useful.

Men’s Haircut At Home
Cutting Your Own Hair Men

DIY Haircut Men

Once you’re ready to begin a men’s haircut at home, focus on the neckline, using clippers with a short (but not too short) guard to trim the hair starting at the middle of the ear. This will trim stray hairs outside the line of your last cut. Leftover stubble can be cleaned up with a razor and shaving cream. If you have shaggy hair around your ears, use your comb to bring the hair over the tops of your ears and use the clippers to trim along the outsides of your ears. Then, you can clip your longest hair up and out of the way to begin buzzing your sides.

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Play it safe by using a longer than normal guard, laying the clippers flat against your head and moving from the front temples upward toward the clipped section. Blend the top by releasing it from the clip, spritzing it with water, and combing it down. Pinch a small section of hair at the temple and make small snips with the shears pointed toward the hair, which will soften the blend. Move around your head until you reach your other temple, then, when you get back to the starting point, position your hand higher and start again for the next layer.

DIY Fade Haircut

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