Good Cheap Beer: Trader Jose Light Premium Lager

Ahhh, light beer. I have to admit, I used to think I was better than light beer. Back in my college days, I didn’t drink anything lighter than PBR or maybe Rolling Rock. But now I’m older and have a more refined palette. And a larger belly.

I’ve discovered that there’s nothing more refreshing than a quality light beer or three while sitting next to a bonfire after a hard day’s work. Or a hard day of fishing. Or a hard day of sitting and reading and drinking more light beer. Well, you get the picture.

Trader Jose Light Lager Review

My local Trader Joe’s sells Light Lager for $1.17 per 12-ounce bottle. It has an ABV of 3.9% and only 108 Calories per bottle.

The beer pours a light golden color with a small amount of light head. It is very well-carbonated.

I noticed a faint skunky odor. Was the bottle ruined? I took a sip. It wasn’t skunked, at all. In fact it tasted quite fresh. I guess the slightly skunky smell is just a characteristic of the style.

Trader Jose Light Premium Beer Cap
Trader Jose Light Premium Beer Cap

It has a refreshing, light Cerveza-type flavor. I found it to be quite delicious. It reminds me of a Corona, except a bit lighter and drier. Compared to something like Coors Light, it has more flavor and zest — and even a very light taste of hops!

I didn’t expect to like this beer, but I ended up loving it. I will be definitely be buying it again during the summer months.

Is “Trader Jose” Racist?

The “Trader Jose” product line is a play on the store’s name, “Trader Joe’s”. It references a common, or even stereotypical, name in Mexico. Recently an online petition urged Trader Joe’s to discontinue this kind of labeling because it “exoticizes other cultures”.

The company responded. “We thought then — and still do — that this naming of products could be fun and show appreciation for other cultures”. And, “We do not make decisions based on petitions.”

What do you think? Personally I have every intention to continue drinking Trader Jose Light Lager. Is it racist? Well I’m not sure. But I have to point out that the individual that started the petition isn’t named Jose. Maybe someone should just ask him what he thinks about it.

One thought on “Good Cheap Beer: Trader Jose Light Premium Lager

  • Brian "Jose" Hardy

    No, it’s not racist, seriously? Not in the slightest. My middle name is. Joseph (Joe for short) as I come from an Irish family. My Baptized name is Josè because my father brought me to be baptized in a predomitaly Hispanic neighborhood and the priest was Hispanic. HE gave me that name in the eyes of God. Was I ever offended? No, but then I come from a time when people weren’t made of glass and common sense reigned supreme.


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