Healthy Dunkable Crackers And Cheese For Big Kids

Is processed cheese healthy?

There are some key advantages to processed cheese that make it work keeping around the kitchen.

Obviously, the smooth and meltable texture — while sometimes controversial — is truly unique and a staple of American cuisine. The bright yellow color is fun, too. Kids love it!

Equally important is the extremely long shelf life. Standardized shelf stable cheese products, such as American Cheese and so-called Government Cheese, were essential for keeping folks fed from the beginnings of World War II through the 1980’s. It’s a good idea to keep your pantry stocked with some things that last a long time and don’t require refrigeration or cooking. You never know when you might need it.

Kraft Old English Sharp Cheddar Spread Ingredients

My readers know that I often turn a critical eye to ingredients lists. It’s possible to eat healthy on a budget but you need to pay attention to what’s in your food. Kraft Old English Sharp Cheddar Spread contains the following ingredients:

Kraft Old English Spread
Kraft Old English Spread
  • Cheddar cheese (milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes)
  • Water
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Salt
  • Lactic acid
  • Apocarotenal (color)

This ingredients list is incredibly short compared to most other commercial processed cheese. It’s made out of real cheese. It’s missing all of the weird stuff that gives processed cheese its reputation for being unhealthy. There are no special oils mixed in. There are no “dairy product solids”, whatever those are. No added sugar.

Kraft Old English Spread Nutrition and Ingredients
Kraft Old English Spread Nutrition and Ingredients

The only preservative is lactic acid, like in natural yogurt or sauerkraut. And the only color is from apocarotenal, a plant product and provitamin.

The only ingredient that I didn’t immediately recognize was sodium phosphate. It’s the emulsifier, which is what turns cheese into cheese sauce. In my kitchen I use sodium citrate for this or even potassium citrate. I’m not sure what the tradeoff is… Please comment below if you’ve ever used sodium phosphate!

Compare this to a more typical cheese sauce:

Walmart Nacho Cheese
Walmart Nacho Cheese

Yeah… no comparison. Kraft Old English Sharp Cheddar is real cheese. Nacho cheese… isn’t.

Private Selection Wheat Entertainment Crackers

Not all crackers are made the same. Private Selection entertainment crackers are one of those special off-brand products that is both cheaper than, and better than the name brand!

Private Selection Wheat Entertainment Crackers Box
Private Selection Wheat Entertainment Crackers Box

The great thing is that these crackers are healthy and taste great when dipped in Kraft Old English spread. It’s similar to those snacks made for kids, except the cracker has better texture and a more complex and pleasant flavor profile.

Cheap And Good Dunkable Crackers

As a kid, I was always jealous of the other kids with their Handi-Snacks, Breadsticks ‘n Cheez, and Pretzels ‘n Cheez snack crackers. But as an adult I have no interest in those tiny, expensive, and unhealthy snacks. Instead I make my own out of quality ingredients. Try these homemade dunkable snack crackers today!

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