The Portland Climate and Equity Surcharge Is Misleading

It drives me crazy when an ineffective and mismanaged city decides to add a new random tax to address their issues. Let me back up a second. Recently, the City of Portland added a twenty cent surcharge to every parking transaction. It is called the “Climate and Equity” surcharge. The name of this new tax may appear woke and progressive. But what is it actually doing to solve these significant global issues? Most likely, nothing. The City of Portland can’t even do the basic things right. Such as keeping the downtown area safe. Developing programs to solve the homelessness issue. Or preventing vandals for regularly destroying buildings. How do they plan to address big, broad issues like climate change or equity? Let’s take a look at the details.

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What Is The Parking Climate And Equitable Mobile Transaction Fee All About?

The city of Portland, Oregon is supposedly taking bold steps to address the urgent issue of climate change and its impact on marginalized communities. One of the most recent initiatives is the Portland Climate and Equity Surcharge, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also addressing the disproportionate burden of pollution on low-income and marginalized communities.

According to the City of Portland, the parking climate and equitable mobility transaction fee will send a price signal about the externalized costs of driving (including greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion, and use of roadway space) and support investments that advance their climate and equity goals. I would love to hear someone from Portland’s leadership actually explain the economics of how these “price signals” will work.

Where Do The Portland Climate And Equity Surcharge Funds Go?

Portland To Raise Parking Fees

I don’t follow their logic. According to BikePortland, the PBOT’s reliance on parking fees for revenue has been financially and environmentally destructive. They need tax revenue to fund more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation options. So if they can just squeeze a little more money out of drivers in the short term, they can get on even footing financially and solve the worlds problems. Hmm…

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The Mismanagement Of Portland, Oregon

Portlanders are frustrated by homelessness, crime, and city leadership. Take a look at why. The City has been ineffective in addressing vandalism, protests, and civil unrest. It reminds me a bit of the FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried situation. Leaders have realized if they speak to the right liberal narrative they can do whatever they want. The Oregonian did a piece on how the City of Portland awarded $12M clean energy contract to executive with long history of financial misdeeds, unpaid taxes. All because she spoke to the right narrative about clean energy. Very sad.

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