The Only Good Budget Ice Cream? Kroger Deluxe French Vanilla Magnifique Passes Taste Test

I am very serious about ice cream. Despite my frugal tendencies I have been known to trash talk cheap Walmart ice cream and even those who support it (sorry not sorry, Krazy Coupon Lady!) That’s why I was shocked by this game-changing budget ice cream that tastes great.

What Is This “French” Vanilla, Anyway?

I’m quite certain that France would lead the first charge of World War 3 if they knew that Americans associate them with a vanilla dessert item that doesn’t actually contain real vanilla extract. With it’s sweet cream-forward flavor profile, this so-called “Magnifique” French Vanilla is very much an American style ice cream. There are two attributes that land this budget ice cream in the French Vanilla category:

  • It contains egg, but not enough to qualify as “Frozen Custard”
  • An increased density due to less injected air (more for your money!)

The end result is a luxurious and creamy texture that is perfect alone, or in a root beer float, or in a sundae.

A Sad Tale Of Terrible Marketing

Kroger Deluxe French Vanilla Budget Ice Cream
My camera struggles to capture just how unappetizing the label really is.

The hilarious thing about this ice cream is the comically bad packaging. My photos barely do it justice — the ice cream depicted on the label is a bizarre burnt yellowish color that looks absolutely nothing like real ice cream.

To be honest I almost didn’t do this review. Looking at this ice cream next to all the beautiful cartons of Tillamook, Breyers, Häagen-Dazs, and even other Kroger variants, I could barely bring myself to put the French Vanilla Magnifique in my shopping cart, even though it was on sale!

Fortunately the label is a lie. The ice cream inside is a luscious mouth-watering cream color that is sure to delight kids and adults alike.

The Corn Syrup Surprise

When I took my first bite, I knew instantly that I had finally found the best budget vanilla ice cream. Reading the ingredients confirmed my suspicious: Unlike many other cheap ice creams, this one does not contain any high fructose corn syrup.

Kroger Deluxe French Vanilla Lid
The lid is the only attractive part of the packaging.

The first four ingredients are milk, cream, sugar, and corn syrup (the regular kind). High fructose corn syrup, also called HFCS, is responsible for the “off” flavor of many other inexpensive ice cream products. Containing the costlier regular corn syrup instead of HFCS, Kroger Deluxe French Vanilla Magnifique tastes how ice cream should.

The Only Good Budget Ice Cream

As a quick recap of this delicious ice cream:

  • Despite the name, this is a rich and creamy American-style ice cream
  • The marketing is awful, a common theme among off brand products
  • Sweetened with sugar and regular corn syrup instead of HFCS, this is the best budget ice cream available

Priced at $2.79 for 48 fl. oz of dense and flavorful ice cream, Kroger Deluxe French Vanilla Magnifique is the only budget ice cream I buy. Do you have any leads on other kinds of value-oriented ice cream that tastes good? Please leave a comment below!

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