Thompson Tee Review – A Sweat Proof Undershirt

The Off Brand Guy is a business professional during the day, and has to dress the part. Long sleeve button down dress shirts, suits, and sports coats do not handle the overheating well. Nothing is worse than looking down during a meeting and realizing you have completely sweated through you shirt. To the point that the entire side of your shirt is wet. Not a good look, or a visual that reflects confidence. This is where the sweat proof undershirt from Thompson Tee comes into play. Read my Thompson Tee review below.

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What Causes Excessive Sweating?

I don’t know about you. But the Off Brand Guy gets easily over heated, especially during the hot summer months. The medical term for this excessive sweating is Hyperhidrosis, and it is a common issue for both men and women. 37 million Americans suffer from excessive sweat. The causes vary as it is associated with diabetes, menopause, anxiety, caffeine intake, and a side effect of certain medications to name a few.

After one customer meeting last December enough was enough. I had purchased an amazing new light grey J-Crew sports coast (yes, sometimes I buy name brands). I left the meeting realizing not only had I sweated through my shirt, but also through to the coat. This was embarrassing, and it required that I dry clean my new coat. The Off Brand Guy does not appreciate paying the needless cost of an extra dry cleaning bill!

Reasons To Consider A Thompson Tee

  • You are tired of changing you shirt multiple times a day
  • You are having to spend extra money on dry cleaning due to sweat stains
  • Sweat stains reduce your confidence in social situations
  • Sweat stains are ruining your expensive dress clothes
  • You have tried other methods to reduce sweat with limited success
  • You feel you can not lift you arms up in social situations due to excessive sweating in armpit region

This takes me to my discovery of sweat proof undershirts and my Thompson Tee review. Following this disastrous meeting, I decided it was time to find a solution for my issue sweating through my shirts. I started in on research.

How I Tried To Stop Excessive Sweating?

What Is A Thompson Tee?

Thompson Tee
Looks great after six months of heavy use!

Then I discovered Thompson Tees, patented sweat proof undershirts. Initially, I saw there were a few brands offering a similar type of shirt. But the Thompson Tee reviews clearly had the best results These sweat proof shirts have discrete and invisible padding around the arm pit that captures arm pit sweat and prevents it from leaking through, while still allowing moisture and body heat to escape as vapor. To make things even better they are machine wash and dryer safe. Even cooler, Thompson Tee made a pitch on the show Sharktank.

At first, I was hesitant to spend $27.99 on a white undershirt. After careful consideration I figured I had to try something. I ended up purchasing three shirts to hit the $50 minimum for free shipping. I decided upon the slim fit V-necks because I wanted the shirts to fit tight and not be noticeable under my dress shirts. I knew if these worked I would be wearing them everyday, so why not get three. At the same time, I was still skeptical that this would be an easy fix for my problem.

Thompson Tee Review

I couldn’t have been more impressed with the outcome. The shirts worked perfectly. Not a single drop of sweat leaked through on the first day. I decided to be more bold on the second day and wore a light green shirt on a hot afternoon. This was a shirt I usually avoided because I would sweat right through it. No issues all the day! With a Thompson Tee sweat resistant undershirt on I stopped having to think about my overheating issues as I picked out my outfit for the day. What a relief. Thank you Thompson Tee.

After six months of use I am satisfied with how well these hold up. My concern was if they could handle the regular abuse of the washer and dryer. I was specifically worried about the padded arm pit section. Would this fall apart? Would it become soggy and uncomfortable? So far I’ve experienced none of this. I wash them separately on cold and then lightly dry, and air dry when I can. What a solid product and great idea.

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