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AbeBooks: The Best Place To Find Cheap Books Online

In the digital age, when e-commerce giants like Amazon dominate the online shopping landscape, it’s easy to overlook the hidden gems that exist in the corners of the internet. One such hidden gem, often overshadowed by its more prominent counterparts, is AbeBooks. This online bookstore has been quietly serving book lovers, collectors, and avid readers for decades. In this article, we will explore why AbeBooks deserves more recognition and why it’s the best place to find cheap books online.

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AbeBooks Vs. The Mainstream: The Case For The Underdog

The Off Brand Guy household is full of books. For the most part, I am a big fan of borrowing books from the library. But I like to purchase my favorites or hard to find books that the library doesn’t carry.

Most people have accepted that Amazon is the cheapest and easiest place to get books. But that is not the case. AbeBooks is the hidden secret for finding cheap books online. One of my favorite things to do is look for international editions. Many times when a new book is released in the US the paperback does not come out for six months to a year. But here is the thing. The paperbacks are released earlier in international markets. On AbeBooks you can find these international paperback versions for a fraction of the price.

Who Owns ABE Books?

AbeBooks was founded in 1995 by Rick and Vivian Pura, who established it as an online marketplace for booksellers and book buyers. It quickly gained popularity as a platform for rare, out-of-print, and collectible books. In a move that caught the attention of the book world, Amazon acquired AbeBooks in August 2008. This acquisition had significant implications for the future of AbeBooks, as it brought the online bookstore giant under the Amazon umbrella. Being part of the Amazon family means that AbeBooks has access to Amazon’s robust infrastructure, including its logistics, customer service, and digital services. This has likely contributed to the platform’s ability to provide efficient shipping and customer support.

While AbeBooks is owned by Amazon, it still operates somewhat independently. The platform maintains its distinct identity and interface, and it continues to serve as a dedicated marketplace for booksellers and book enthusiasts. The user interface of the website has that old school, early internet feel. This makes me like it even more!

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Why AbeBooks Is So Cheap?

AbeBooks’ reputation as the best place to find cheap books online is built on a foundation of diverse sellers, a focus on used and rare books, healthy competition, international availability, and helpful price comparison tools.

While AbeBooks specializes in rare and collectible books, it offers competitive prices on used and new titles. In my opinion it is definitely the best website to buy second hand books. Unlike some mainstream online retailers, AbeBooks enables sellers to set their prices, fostering a competitive marketplace where buyers can often find great deals. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge on a collector’s item, you can find options that suit your wallet.


How To Save Money On College Textbooks?

Using AbeBooks to save money on textbooks is a smart and cost-effective strategy for students. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your textbooks. Begin your search well in advance of your classes to ensure you have enough time to find the best deals. Compile a list of the textbooks you need for your courses, including the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for each book. The ISBN is a unique identifier that helps you find the exact edition of the book you need. Compare prices, taking note of the book’s condition, edition, and shipping costs. Don’t forget to check for international editions, which are often more affordable. These editions are rarely available on the big platforms like Amazon.

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What Reddit Has To Say About AbeBooks?

Just like anything in life, AbeBooks isn’t perfect. On Reddit folks complain about not being able to review sellers. The reality is you are doing business with the independent seller not AbeBooks. The seller’s star rating is based on how many books get returned. But because the buyer has to pay return shipping and provide Abebooks with a shipping receipt and proof of delivery these reviews are not very representative. Additionally, delivery times can vary, which may not be ideal for students or those with tight schedules.

Personally, I have always had a great experience with AbeBooks. Over the years, I have purchased more than twenty books from the site. Including a few textbooks. Only once did a book get come in bad condition. I sent a picture back to AbeBooks and was promptly provided a refund.

What has your experience been with AbeBooks?

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