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$1 Dollar Tree Tape Measure: Why You Should Pick Quantity Over Quality:

If your workplace is anything like mine, certain tools have a tendency to violate all known laws of physics by vanishing into thin air exactly when you need them the most. The lowly tape measure may be the worst offender. The mind boggles at the sheer number of man-hours wasted, deadlines missed, and budgets overrun around the world every day for want of a tape measure. There are various traditional solutions to this problem, such as writing your name on your tape measure or painting it bright pink. However, I suggest saving both time and money by buying the $1 Dollar Tree tape measure in quantity from the dollar store.

Tool Bench Hardware Tape Measure From Dollar Tree, Ruler Detail
Cheap Dollar Store Measuring Tape

Does The Cheap Tape Measure Work?

Enter the Tool Bench Hardware 16 ft. / 5 m tape measure. In many respects this is a conventional tape measure, with a stainless steel hook and hook slot, retractable dual unit steel tape, ergonomic thumb stop, injection molded composite case, hard rubber bumpers, synthetic lanyard, and a low-profile tactical belt clip. The revolutionary thing about this tape measure is the extremely low cost: At one dollar, you can buy approximately 12 of these for the price of one equivalent name-brand Stanley tape measure. It is the cheapest tape measure that has ever existed.

Tool Bench Hardware Tape Measure From Dollar Tree, Clip Detail
Tool Bench Hardware Dollar Tree Tape Measure

Tape Measure Dollar Tree

This might sound like a weird joke, but it’s not: My ultimate solution to the “Tape Measure Problem” is to keep one Dollar Tree tape measure every place I might ever want to have a tape measure. I keep one in my car, in my garage, at my desk, in my toiletries bag, on my workbench, and in every toolbox I own or use. I even toss them in my coworker’s kits when they aren’t looking just to make sure there are enough floating around.

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Introducing DSTMaaS: Dollar Store Tape Measure as a Service

At one dollar per tape measure, you can free yourself of the burden of owning a tape measure, and embrace the concept of “Dollar Store Tape Measure as a Service” (DSTMaaS). For a minimal recurring cost you can cache tape measures everywhere you might need one, and always have instant access to a tape measure. Simply pick up one or two each time you’re at the dollar store and you can begin building your dollar store tape measure fleet today.

Tool Bench Hardware Tape Measure From Dollar Tree, Hook Detail
Tool Bench Hardware Dollar Tree Tape Measure, Hook Detail

Dollar Tree Tape Measure

There are only two disadvantages to the dollar tree tape measure:

  • It only measures up to 16 feet
  • The thumb stop will eventually wear out under heavy usage

For me these trade offs are acceptable. Once it’s worn out, use it to build an antenna or just stick it on Rob’s desk. In any case, both of these problems can be solved by simply using more tape measures. And with the Tool Bench Hardware Tape Measure, you will have enough tape measures around to solve any size of problem.

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