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What Is An Off Brand Product?

The Off Brand Guy is the internet’s leading expert on store brand products. But what defines a knock off product? An off brand product is a generic product that may be similar to a branded product in substance and functionality, but lacks the marketing and branding. It is known as a private label product in many contexts, such a when a grocery store has its own product line. It is also described as an unknown or less familiar version of a product. It is typically associated with a lower price.

Off Brand Food

Alternative Names For Off Brand

  • Knock Off
  • Store Brand
  • Private Label
  • Generic
  • Non Branded
  • Lookalike

History Of The Store Brand – Off Brand Products

A logo indicates to consumers a certain level of quality and performance. So it gives consumers confidence when purchasing the product. This played a significant importance historically, but in the current era it doesn’t always makes sense to be paying for a company’s commercials, newspaper ads, and fancy logos that have been extensively reviewed by focus groups and a PR firm.

Common Knock Off Brands

Kroger Store Brand

This is not the 1950’s anymore. We have these devices in our pockets that allow us to contact practically anyone at anytime, or immediately search for information at a moments notice. We don’t need a commercial thought up by some dude in suit at a nice office in Manhattan to confirm that the product will work. Especially when we are talking about a suitcase or a can of soup.

Target Up & Up

What Types Of Products Does The Off Brand Guy Focus On?

  • Off Brand Food
  • Knock Off Hygiene Products
  • Private Label Soda
  • Clothing
  • Generic Health Products

I trust that Walmart, or Safeway, or Krogers can produce a quality of can of beans. I don’t need a commercial with a celebrity eating them to instill trust. Some people think that private label products are of inferior quality. If the active ingredients are the same, a lot of times this is just not true.

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