Great Value Mustard – The $1 Condiment

Off brand condiments are a no brainer. I mean who can seriously tell the difference between ketchup brands. Yes, there are some of those edgy, hipster ketchups that are extra thick in fancy bottles, but it doesn’t make a burger taste any better. Products like off brand condiments are the reason the Off Brand Guy was created. It is the simplest possible way to save a few bucks on the grocery bill every month. Today, I take a closer look at the legendary Great Value Mustard options.

I am quite flexile with off brand condiments. I will get them at Safeway, QFC, Walmart, wherever I happen to be. Regardless of the store brand, it will be cheaper than the name brand. But to really get the best deal you need to go to Walmart. Sauces don’t get cheaper than Great Value Mustard or Great Value Mayo. In fact these are so cheap, it doesn’t even make sense to pull them out of my fridge for a camping trip. I just but an extra container!

Walmart Mustard

Great Value Mustard does not have as many size options as Great Value mayonnaise. But there are many different flavors. Here are some my favorites:

  • Great Value Dijon Mustard 12oz – $0.123 per ounce
  • Great Value Yellow Mustard 20oz – $0.05 per ounce
  • Great Value Honey Mustard 12oz – $0.123 per ounce

The options don’t stop there. For those that really care about flavor there is also a Great Value Spicy Brown Mustard, Stone Ground Mustard, and Honey Dijon Mustard. All available at an everyday low price.

Walmart Mayonnaise

Not only is Great Value mayo cheap, but it provides some options. At my local Walmart, I can choose from a 48 oz container, a 30 oz container, and a 15 oz container.

  • Great Value Mayonnaise 48 fl oz – $3.88 – $0.081 per ounce
  • Great Value Mayonnaise 30 fl oz – $1.94 – $0.083 per ounce
  • Great Value Mayonnaise 15 fl oz – $1.29 – $0.09 per ounce

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Great Value Mustard

I love the squeeze bottles. If you are on a romantic date at the park or making sandwiches on a camping trip it offers tremendous convenience. Rather than round up utensils, you can just squeeze. All of the Great Value mustard flavors come standard in a squeeze bottle. No need to get out a knife to dig out some sauce.

Great Value Dijon Mustard

With the Mayo, you pay a surprising premium for the convenience of squeezing. I find it worth the extra cents when on the road, but at home I go for the best price per ounce. The squeeze bottle comes to $2.26 for an 18 oz container. This comes out to $0.126 per ounce. While this may not be big dollars, from a percentage standpoint it is a hefty premium.

Dijon Mustard Walmart

The Great Value Dijon Mustard gets the job done for a cheap mustard. Though, it does not have the same kick as the name brand stuff. Mayonnaise is such a bland sauce that I don’t notice the difference. In terms of mustard, sometimes I miss the Grey Poupon name brand stuff that is made with white wine.

Great Value Dijon Mustard Ingredients

Great Value Mayonnaise Review

Great Value Mayonnaise comes in a few other varieties. For the health conscious readers of Off Brand Guy, there is a Reduced Fat Mayonnaise With Olive Oil and Light Mayo. While I am not going to lie to you and state I know the difference, I do know that both options are lower in calories.

And you know what is the most off brand thing in existence? Great Value Mayo comes in a 1 gallon size container. To be fair, I have never seen this in stores. But it can be purchased online. The bulk price is reduced down to 7 cents per oz. What a deal!

Most people don’t have an intuitive sense of mayonnaise pricing. This is not a normal thing that is taught in school. Now that I think about it, no aspect of personal finance is taught in schools. So you may be wondering how this compares to the name brand pricing?

The name brand mayonnaise manufacturers include Kraft, Best Foods, and Hellmans. This is for the standard stuff. If you really want to go down a rabbit hole you can get into the organic avocado oil mayonnaise and that type of nonsense. But you will be paying a pretty penny. Depending on the container size and the specific brand, and the store; name brand mayonnaise is around $0.20 per ounce. That is more than twice the price of the off brand stuff! So the savings is there, but does it taste the same?

In my opinion, all mayonnaise tastes mostly the same. I wanted to see what others on the internet thought. Here is my favorite comment “Mayo is mayo. Especially when you’re mixing it with a bunch of stuff”. I think this perfectly captures the sentiment. Most people aren’t eating mayonnaise by itself. It is something used in recipes or on a sandwich. This makes it hard to argue that one can truly get more value from the name brand stuff.

Some of the mayonnaise experts online state that Great Value is the best tasting out of the off brand mayonnaise options. While I have definitely tried many off brand mayonnaise varieties (I am the Off Brand Guy after all), I can’t say that I have directly made comparisons. It is great to know that the experts consider it the best tasting out of all the budget mayonnaise brands on the market.

Is Whipped Dressing The Same As Mayonnaise?

Nope. Whipped dressing is a generic phrase for Miracle Whip. Miracle Whip was developed in the 1930’s as a cheaper version of mayonnaise. According to Dukes Mayo, real mayonnaise is defined by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration as consisting of at least 65% oil by weight, while whipped dressings are only required to consist of at least 30% oil by definition.

A Quick Great Value Mustard Review

Great Value Mustard Review

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