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Sleep Well With Cheap Melatonin

Melatonin is a toiletry closest staple. Everyone has trouble falling asleep from time to time. Melatonin is the natural option to help with occasional insomnia. I have tried many different brands, doses, and formulations over the years. In this article, we share our insights on the best bang for the buck in the world of cheap melatonin.

Spring Valley Melatonin Review
Spring Valley Melatonin Review

Spring Valley Melatonin Review

Lately, my cheap melatonin preference is Spring Valley 3mg melatonin in fast dissolve tablets. Spring Valley supplements are a Walmart store brand. To clarify, these tablets dissolve in your mouth. Not only is it convenient to not have to track down a glass of water right before bed, that is taste is amazing. As soon as the flavor hits my tongue, my night time routine starts.

Cheap Melatonin

Quick Dissolve Melatonin

How fast does quick dissolve melatonin work?

Traditional wisdom indicates that melatonin kicks in about 30 minutes. I was curios if fast dissolve tablets kicked in any quicker than pills or tablets that have to be swallowed. Surprisingly, it is hard to find information online that confirms this method gets absorbed into effect quicker. Maybe it is simply the convenience of not using water?

Best Melatonin 1mg

Based on many experts, lower does of melatonin are much better. After browsing the shelfs at the store you will see 1 mg, 3 mg, 5mg, and 10 mg tablets. This is way more than what is needed. The optimal dose is around 0.75 mg. I take a 3mg tablet and break it into fourths for use. Occasionally, I will take 1.5 mg. But I really try to avoid anymore than this. It makes me groggy in the morning or I wake up super early in the morning once the melatonin wears off.

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Cheap Melatonin

Nature’s Bounty Melatonin Review

Another brand I have had success with is Nature Bounty melatonin. According to the packaging it promotes sleep and relaxation. A bottle of 150 tablets comes to $4.94, or 2.7 cents per night of peaceful sleep.

A 120 count of Spring Valley melatonin comes to $4.88. That is 4.1 cents per capsule. If you really want to pinch every penny you are better off getting a 2 pack of the 5mg tablets. In other words, that is 240 tablets for $6.88 or 2.9 cents per tablet. It is less convenient to break 5 mg tablets into small slivers. But it is doable if you desire the cheapest melatonin!

Nature's Bounty Melatonin Review
Nature’s Bounty Melatonin Review

Melatonin Gummies Walmart

Did you know that that Spring Valley make a melatonin gummy? It may have a cool factor but you will pay a premium at 8.1 cents per gummy.

Cheap Melatonin Tablets

Spring Valley and Nature’s Bounty are both more budget oriented dietary supplements. The Nature Made melatonin brand would also fall into this category of cheap melatonin. If you take a look around there are many premium melatonin supplements. Back in the day I use to get a melatonin beverage called Neurosleep. The beverage worked, but it was not worth the $3-4 price tag.

2.3 cents per tablet is pretty much as good as it gets in the melatonin world. Of course, the higher the dose the higher the cost. The true break down is cost per mg of melatonin. But even the Off Brand Guy is not interested in this level of detail.

Cheap Melatonin Tablets

Carlyle Melatonin

Sometimes if I am running low, I will order from Amazon rather than Walmart. Carlyle is the budget melatonin brand on Amazon. Caryle 1mg melatonin gets down to about 2 cents per tablet!

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