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Review: Nutricost Caffeine Pills 200mg and 100mg

I’m always looking to save money on everyday essentials. So, while I already get my daily caffeine kick for $0.06, I couldn’t help but notice a cheaper option. A brand called Nutricost sells caffeine pills for $0.052 on Amazon! Could these be my new cheap and healthy replacement for energy drinks? I had to find out.

Best Cheap Caffeine Pills on Amazon?

The first thing I noticed is that this is a BIG bottle of caffeine pills for a small amount of money. 250 capsules per bottle means I can go for months without running out. As I said in my Prolab caffeine pills review, they help save a lot of time. No extra trips to the corner cafe. No waiting for water to boil. And no burning your tongue because you can’t wait for coffee to reach a safe temperature. OK maybe that last one is a personal problem, but you get the idea. These are extremely convenient, and the massive bottle really adds to the convenience.

These caffeine pills come in a big screw-top bottle with an attractive label. The lid is easy to turn and comes with a tamper-evident seal underneath. It is not child-resistant. In addition to 250-pill size, they are also available in 100-pill and 500-pill bottles.

Nutricost Caffeine Pills 200mg Supplement Facts

Nutricost Caffeine Pills Ingredients

Supplement companies are prone to adjust their recipes over time, so check your bottle. On mine the ingredients are VERY impressive:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Rice flour
  • Capsule (gelatin, purified water)

My “other” caffeine pills have seven different ingredients other than caffeine. These only contain caffeine, rice flour, and the capsule itself. Technically rice flour is a filler ingredient. Also known as an excipient, filler ingredients are used to bulk up the active ingredient to make it easier to handle and dose accurately. It’s a big part of how Nutricost keeps the cost down.

More important is what’s missing from the ingredients list. There are no flavors, dyes, sugars, emulsifiers, binders, preservatives, or any other weird stuff that you sometimes find in supplements (and always find in energy drinks).

Choose Your Dose: 100mg or 200mg of Caffeine

One handy thing about Nutricost caffeine pills is that they’re available in two strengths: 100mg and 200mg.

If you already consume coffee or other energy beverages daily, you’ll probably want the 200mg pills. This provides an energy boost that somewhere between a triple and a quad Americano. Or in other words, more than a Red Bull but less than a Bang.

If you don’t have a huge caffeine tolerance, 200mg is simply unnecessary and will make you jittery. In that case it’s better to stock up on 100mg caffeine pills (they’re cheaper, too). You can always take a second one if you ever need an extra boost.

Benefits of Caffeine Pills

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Nutricost Caffeine capsules 200mg - 250 count review

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  • is it safe, will it help with my procastination and tiredness

    • Hi Tony – We are not medical experts by any means. But I can that personally it has worked for me!


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