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Prolab Caffeine Pills Review – Save Time & Money

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big time caffeine addict, and I get the caffeine withdrawal headaches to prove it. My life changed when I discovered Prolab Caffeine pills.

There’s just something about the caffeine ritual that I find irresistible on a primal level. Pulling that espresso shot, running the grinder, stirring the French press and watching the CO2 bubbles form, the hiss of the energy drink, the scream of the frothing wand wide open, those beautiful instant crystals dissolving back into their true form… Ahem. Where was I again?

Anyway, I ran into a big problem when I got Invisalign. If you have clear dental aligners, you need to wear them for 22 hours a day — and no hot beverages are allowed while wearing them! I’m the type of guy who prefers to have my cake and eat it too, so thus began my search for an alternate to coffee. Little did I know how much money I would save.

Prolab Advanced Caffeine Pills: Do They Work?

That’s how I learned about caffeine tablets. They have a shady reputation as something you might find under the counter at a gas station, but caffeine pills are gaining popularity as a safe and effective alternative to coffee that is cheaper and doesn’t stain or weaken the teeth.

Prolab Caffeine Pills 100 Count

Prolab Caffeine 200 mg

I landed on the Prolab brand caffeine pills, available on The label states that each tablet contains 200mg of caffeine. That’s equivalent to a very large cup of coffee. In fact, it might be a bit much for someone who doesn’t regularly drink caffeinated beverages!

After trying one pill, all my doubts quickly disappeared. Yes, this is the real stuff. Yes, one is enough to get you going. Yes, it’s missing the ritual and the flavor, but it’s also faster and easier.

One unexpected benefit is how much time I save. Like many people around the world I am now working from home every day. With my old morning routine gone, I found it easy to switch from coffee to a caffeine pill every morning. Even the fastest coffee machine cannot compare with that convenience.

On top of that, caffeine pills don’t stain your teeth, melt your Invisalign trays, or gunk up your retainer. And if you’re trying to lose weight, take note: They typically have zero calories.

Buy Prolab Caffeine Maximum Potency

Cost Breakdown Of Caffeine Sources

Prolab Caffeine Tablet detail
ProLab Caffeine Tablet

Each tablet replaces a large cup of coffee. Prices vary, but here are some typical prices from around my neighborhood:

  • Triple Americano, 180 mg caffeine — $4.50
  • Typical energy drink, 140 mg caffeine — $3.50
  • Homemade coffee, caffeine varies — typically around $1.00
  • Prolab Caffeine supplement, 200 mg caffeine — $0.06!

Each tablet costs $0.06. You do the math! That’s a lot of savings. Caffeine pills are the cheapest source of caffeine available.

Benefits Of Caffeine

  • Improved Focus
  • Elevated Alertness
  • Faster Reaction Time
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Increased Endurance
  • Elevated Mood

Prolab Caffeine Tablets vs. Coffee: Is It worth It?

Let’s be real, I will never quit coffee (Check out my article: Is Cheap Coffee Worth The Savings?). The flavor is a very important part of the experience, and caffeine pills simply can’t compare. On top of that, I find the buzz to be a little bit “harsher” — it’s simply less natural. However these things are Invisalign compliant, and replacing even one coffee a week saves me a ton of money. Plus the Prolab Caffeine tablets even rank on lists for best caffeine pills.

These aren’t the only low-cost caffeine pills available on Amazon! Also see my Nutricost 100mg and 200mg Caffeine Pills review.

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