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Off Brand Airpods Review – Tozo A1 Vs T6

I have a confession to make. I am a name brand headphones guy. I have always been. I had Beats By Dre before they were even cool. I used those things until the padding was peeling off all over my house. Now days, I use Bose SoundSport wireless headphones for working out and the Bose SoundlLink over the ear headphones for listening to music and playing video games. In general, I am not a fan of the airpod style headphones. They seem to always come out of my ears. Especially while running. But with the current popularity of this style, I decided to jump on the trend. Here is my complete off brand airpods review. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

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What Is A Good Dupe For Airpods?

Tozo makes the most popular airpods dupes. Tozo is a newer electronics brand formed in Seattle around 2015. They produce headphones, watches, and speakers. From their website it is clear they are mostly focused on producing economic headphone options. They have definitely listened to the needs of their customers. The Tozo earbuds offer extended battery life, waterproof capabilities, and can even charge while in the case. We will dig into all of this in a second.

Tozo T6 Earbuds

What Are The Best Fake Airpods On Amazon?

The Tozo headphones models are the most popular and most reviewed fake airpods on Amazon. Let me clarify on my language. People like to call off brand and knockoffs “fake”. In this case they are not really fake airpods. They are a similar style to the Apple Airpods offered at a more economic price point.

The first thing that stood is out the number of reviews. These things have been purchased a lot. The Tozo T6 true wireless stereo headphones have over 254,000 reviews. That is a crazy number! They most be doing something right. I purchased both the Tozo A1 and Tozo T6 headphone models for this off brand airpods review.

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Airpod Alternatives Pricing

Tozo takes full advantage of Amazon’s promotional features. They know how to get people to buy these things. The Tozo T6 headphones have a list price of $39.99. Then they offer a limited time sale 33% discount bringing the price down to $26.99. Then you can apply a $6 “click coupon” brining the total down to $20.99. I get the impression that this is less of a sale and more of a way of driving urgency. Regardless, it made me feel like I was getting a good deal. After all the promotions and discounts I purchased the Tozo A1 headphones for $15.99 and the Tozo T6 wireless headphones for $20.99.

Tozo A1 Vs T6 Airpods Knockoffs Review

I have to say they do a good job with the design. The unboxing experience was quite satisfying. They made sure to follow in Apple’s footsteps with the cool factor.

It took me awhile to understand the main differences between these two models. Why was one more expensive?

The Tozo A1 headphones (the cheaper option) were supposedly smaller. Someone on Reddit said you could wear them to bed. To me they seemed about the same size as the T6. On first use, the biggest difference was the sound quality. The bass was really lacking with the A1 model. This may not matter if you are just listening to podcasts or audiobooks. But if you are listening to music the sound quality was noticeably better with the T6 earbuds. In my opinion, I definitely recommend spending the additional five bucks.

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Airpods Knockoffs

Another obvious difference was the battery life. The Tozo A1 earbuds last six hours with normal use while the Tozo T6 last for over ten hours on a single charge. The convenient thing is you can recharge them in the case without it even being plugged in.

Both models offer “smart touch control”. In other words, you can pause and switch songs by touching the earbuds. I found this feature annoying. Every time I went to readjust the headphones I would accidently engage one of the “smart touch controls” which paused or changed the song. Here are a few of my top takeaways after a week of testing both models:

  • You get 5 pairs of differently sized silicones pieces to the find the right fit.
  • Noise cancellation appears to be about 95% effective.
  • The Bluetooth automatically connects once you take the headphones out the case.
  • You have to the ability to use one earbud at a time if the other is charging.
  • The remaining charge indicator is not as accurate as more expensive earbuds brands.

Don’t Buy Dollar Tree Knockoff Airpods!

Fake Airpods from Dollar Tree 💀

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