Are Dollar Tree Batteries A Good Deal?

Are cheap batteries as good as the name brand? I went through a phase in my early twenties where I thought cheaper was always better. I was entirely wrong. With some products it makes sense to spend a little more. Dollar tree batteries are one of those things. Trust me, Dollar Store batteries are not worth the hassle. Go ahead and buy one of the name brands like Duracell.

Dollar Tree Batteries
Dollar Tree Batteries

Super Heavy Duty Batteries

The current Dollar Tree brand is E-circuit super heavy duty batteries. It seems like the marketing people thought that by putting the phrase “heavy duty” people would think the product was actually good. Then they added “super” to take things to the next level.

There are Alkaline Batteries and Super Heavy Duty batteries. What is the difference between a heavy duty battery and an alkaline battery?

Alkaline batteries are known as manganese dioxide batteries and perform better than heavy duty zinc chloride batteries. Alkaline batteries have up a twice the amount of energy capacity.

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Are Dollar Tree Batteries Any Good

Dollar Store Batteries

You will find the following E-circuit batteries at Dollar Tree:

  • 6 pack of AA batteries
  • 9V Dollar Tree battery
  • 6 pack of AAA batteries
  • Other specialty varieties

Dollar Tree Batteries Review

Because batteries are such a common item, there is extensive information on the quality of off brand battery performance. Many very reputable sources recommend to stay away. Batteries top the list of what you should not buy at the Dollar Tree. The experts at Kiplinger point out that the E-Circuit and Panasonic batteries at the Dollar Tree specifically state that they should only be used in low drain devices. Not only do they not last, they have the potential to leak and create additional issues.

Dollar Tree Sunbeam Batteries

Dollar Tree Batteries Review
Dollar Tree 9v Battery

Back when I bought batteries at the Dollar Store, they were the Sunbeam brand. I swear the Sunbeam batteries wouldn’t even last a couple days in my portable CD player. It’s almost as if you would have to remove them from the device between uses to conserve the juice. It looks like they have been through a rebranding in the last decade or so.

If you must buy cheap batteries, and you don’t want to step it up to invest in quality name brand rechargeable batteries. Then I recommend getting the Kirkland or Amazon Basic batteries in bulk. They may not be the best quality, but they are acceptable.

Buy Dollar Tree Batteries On Amazon

Dollar Tree Rechargeable Batteries?

According to my research, Dollar Tree does not currently offer rechargeable batteries. Taking into account that products can only cost $1, this is not surprising!

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