The World’s Best Off Brand Cream Soda

Cream soda is underrated. While I don’t recommend drinking it daily, it is a fun way to mix up the soft drink routine. It makes me fill like I am living in the 1950’s. Which is kinda cool for someone born in the 1990’s. If you are looking for a fun treat and want to save some money, head over to Safeway to pick up the Signature Select off brand cream soda.

Off Brand Cream Soda?

What Is The Best Cream Soda?

This is a different topic altogether. The Safeway Cream Soda is good for the price. But there are some serious premium sodas on the market. And cream soda is no exception. Many soda experts believe that Virgil’s All Natural Handcrafted Vanilla Cream soda is the best out there. It comes in a bottle so you know that it is truly a premium drink.

If you are serious about premium cream soda brands, check out the list put together by Brand Informers.

Can You Still Buy Off Brand Cream Soda?

Absolutely! And if you search google for this question that first thing you will see is Walmart’ Great Value Cream Soda. Another product the Off Brand Guy will be tackling soon.

Safeway Cream Soda

Best Cream Soda Reddit

As usual, we head to Reddit so see what folks are thinking. After reading a lot of feedback, opinions, and analysis I have added two additional sodas to my must try list:

  • Thomas Kemper Vanilla Cream Soda
  • Sioux City Cream Soda

These both come in bottles and are not cheap!

Off Brand Cream Soda Review

Okay, now lets cut to the chase. I know you are all here to see how this off brand cream soda tastes. First off, I like it! It tastes just as good as any premium cream soda I have consumed over the years. It has that immediate creamy classic cream soda taste followed by an intense sweetness. I don’t know exactly how to describe the “cream soda” taste I am referring to. But everyone would know it immediately upon taste. It has the right carbonation, which can not be said about all off brand soda pop. While I am more of a diet cola drinker, I find this oddly refreshing. Even without ice this goes down well. A big win for Safeway!

Safeway Cream Soda Ingredients

  • Carbonated Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Sodium Benzoate Citric Acid
  • Caramel Color
  • Artificial and Natural Flavors
Safeway Cream Soda Ingredients

Cream Soda Dessert

As I said, Cream soda is something to be enjoyed sparingly. A great way to do this is as a dessert. Take a big glass cup and fill it halfway with vanilla ice cream. I highly recommend the Tillamook brand. It is so freaking creamy! Then pour over some Safeway Cream Soda. There you have it, a cream soda float.

Why High Fructose Corn Syrup Is Bad For You?

When manufacturers use corn syrup, they sometimes need it for the same reasons home cooks need it, but more often they use it to save money. And if substituting a less expensive ingredient for an expensive ingredient is one good way to save money, another good way is to use less of the ingredient instead of more. So they treat the corn syrup (with enzymes, apparently) in order to have more fructose than glucose. Because the fructose is sweeter than glucose, they don’t need to use as much of it in order to sweeten food” – Fine Cooking

First off, manufacturers use high fructose corn syrup because it is cheap. Fine cooking does a good job of summarizing the logic here. Over consumption of fructose is connected with many serious health issues including obesity and diabetes. High fructose corn syrup may not be any worse for your body than table sugar, but high fructose corn syrup brings the risk of adding an unnatural amount of fructose to your diet.

Cream Soda Brands

  • IBC Cream Soda
  • A&W Cream Soda
  • Barq’s Cream Soda
  • Jones Cream Soda
  • Big Sky Cream Soda
  • Dad’s Cream Soda
Cream Soda Brands

Cream Soda Cocktail

Cream soda isn’t only for the kids. After a hard day of work it can be nice to unwind with a tasty cocktail. Look no further than mixing cream soda with vodka for a nice evening drink. To top it off, garnish the drink with a lime wedge.

If you are looking for the best deal on Vodka, make sure to read my article Best Cheap Vodka? Trader Joe’s Vodka Of The Gods.

If you want to take this drink to the next level try a Vanilla Vodka Cream Soda.

Dr Pepper And Cream Soda

Dr. Pepper recently introduced a product that is a blend of Dr. Pepper and Cream Soda. So without a doubt, the classic cream soda is not going anywhere soon.

Soda Vs Pop – Who Says Soda Instead Of Pop

I remember when I was in middle school and I realized some people referred to soft drinks as soda rather than pop. In the Pacific NW these beverages are most commonly referred to as pop. But some folks out here like to appear different and sophisticated, using the term soda instead. In general the language used is mostly based on geography. Click here to see that map provided by Simplemost. Generally speaking in the Southwest and Northeast of the United States the term “soda” is more common. Everywhere else pop seems to prevail. How do you refer to soft drinks?

DIY – Homemade Cream Soda

2 thoughts on “The World’s Best Off Brand Cream Soda

  • VegasDude

    Actually just picked up some signature select after bringing up this review at the grocery store..
    I’ve had both of Walmart’s Cream sodas..
    Their regular Cream Soda is just ok, nothing special..
    ~ ~ ~ B U T ~ ~ ~
    Their Diet Cream soda is worthy of celebration….
    – – – IT’S – – –
    Simply Spectacular…
    Absolutely Phenomenal…
    – – – A N D – – –
    Usually sold out….Especially on weekends…
    I can find it on a weekday.. mid-day.. Sometimes..
    IT’S THAT AWESOME… Highly recommend It..

    • Hi Dennis – Thank you for the recommendation. We are adding that to the list for a future review.


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