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Off Brand Meaning: What Is A Store Brand?

“Off brand” meaning? This is a common question from our readers here at Off Brand Guy. As inflation is a nightmare these days. According to CNBC, roughly 72% of consumers are buying cheaper grocery and household items. There is a standard definition for the phrase “off brand” which we have covered in a previous article. This is the type of definition you will find in a formal retail publication. As the founder of the internet’s premier resource for off brand products we have a better definition. The true off brand meaning is so much broader than this.

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Why Is Off Brand Cheaper?

The essence of an off brand product is the lack of marketing and promotional effort. It is an item purchased with a pragmatic purpose. It is not bought to show off or for social status. It serves a functional purpose and comes without any of the fanfare of a name brand. Capitalism in the United States has developed to the point where most of us have all our basic needs met. We could work less if we could slow down our consumption. But that is not what leads to economic growth for companies. So instead companies sell us on new things. They use celebrities and skillful persuasion strategies to convince us we need a product that we probably do not.

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The off brand philosophy is about identifying and breaking this rat race. It is about finding happiness and purpose. Consumption will not bring meaning to your life. It will not make you satisfied. Products should be purchased for their functional purpose, not because you got sucked in by a high budget advertisement. So back to our “off brand” definition. Off brand does not just mean an unknown store brand. It can very well be something associated with quality like Trader Joe’s or Kirkland Signature. They core component is that the product is not marked up significantly to support fancy marketing efforts.

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