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Pill Cutter Dollar Tree For Only A $1.25

Everyone will need to cut up a pill at some point. Whether, for a melatonin tablet or a prescription medication a pill cutter is a must have in both the medicine cabinet and toiletry bag. The blades wear out over time and it is easy to misplace so it is a good idea to have a few around. Please never make the mistake of buying a pill cutter at a retail pharmacy like Walgreens. You will over pay beyond belief. I am a huge fan of the pill cutter dollar tree offers.

Pill Splitter Dollar Tree Review
Pill Splitter Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Pill Cutter Price

Most of the pill cutters at Walgreen are around $6 to 7. The advantage is you get some variety. You can pick up a pill crusher, safety shield pill cutter, premium pill cutter, ultras pill splitter, cut N’ crush pill crusher and splitter, tablet cutter with stainless steel blade, and the list goes on. At the the end of the day all these products accomplish the same thing. Why not only spend $1 (well now $1.25 due to inflation) and get a pill cutter at Dollar Tree.

Pill Splitter Dollar Tree Review

Dollar Tree Pill Cutter Price
Dollar Tree Pill Cutter Blade

I have seen a few different brands of pill cutters available at Dollar Tree. I have picked up an Assured brand tablet cutter and a Premier Plus tablet cutter. They are both a simple clear device that has a slot to place the pill or tablet and then bring the blade down to cut it in half. I have had success cutting pills in half, in fourths, and even into eighths with these products. It is really all you could ask for. As the marketing states, it cuts pills with ease and accuracy.

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Is Assured A Dollar Tree Brand?

Yes, Dollar Tree owns the Assured brand. Assured hires third party manufacturers to cheaply make products for the Dollar Tree chain. They offer other health products like Aspirin, Acetaminophen, pregnancy tests, and multi-symptom cold medicine capsules.

Dollar Tree Pill Crusher Final Thoughts

Dollar Tree Pill Crusher
Dollar Tree Pill Crusher Made In China

Some online review experts will tell you to stay away from wellness products at Dollar Tree and similar dollar store chains. I agree with this advice. It does not pay to cut corners on your health. But I do not consider a pill cutter to be a wellness product. It is a simple mechanical device that gets marked up significantly for convenience and easy profit at most retail and pharmacy outlets.

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