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Save Money With Ross Pots And Pans

When shopping for cookware I always look for a proven name brand with solid nonstick performance. Calphalon anodized nonstick cookware provides both convenience and performance. The “stay cool” stainless handles makes cooking safe and easy. Calphalon pans are rated high in their ability to quickly heat and their consistent nonstick performance.  It is unknown to many shoppers that you can save money with Ross pots and pans.

Ross Cookware

We’ve found that if you go to a store like Bed Bath & Beyond you are often limited in the selection of a single item purchase and this leads to an expensive complete set of Calphalon cookware ranging from $49.99 (2 pieces) to $469.99. The 10 piece set includes:

  • 8″ fry pan
  • 10″ fry pan
  • 2.5 qt. saucepan with lid
  • 3.5 qt. saucepan with lid
  • 3 qt. sauté pan with lid
  • 6 qt. stock pot with lid

Cookware Treasure Hunt

At discount stores such as Ross you can find single items at a greatly reduced price. For example, a 12” Calphalon, non-stick, fry pan is $22.99 and a 4 quart stock pot pan with lid is $34.99. The 3 qt saute pan with a lid typically runs for $29.99. Admittedly the individual sauce pans are harder to find but the savings is well worth the wait. If you’re patient you can pick and choose the items you’ll need and use most often for a substantial savings. Often when expensive sets are purchased a few pieces are rarely used. By going to Ross Dress For Less or other discount stores you can select the pieces that fit your individual cooking needs while saving a few bucks in the process.

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How Much Does A Calphalon Pan Cost?

There is a huge range depending on the piece and the store. A single pot or pan can range from $34.99 up to $199. The high end of this range would be for something like a 12-Inch Everyday Covered Pan.

Are Calphalon Pans Worth The Money?

Yes. Quality cookware makes a big difference. As you know we are big fans of saving a few bucks with off brand products. But cookware is one area in which it does not pay to go cheap. No one wants to spend an extra fifteen minutes scrubbing the remnants of a fried egg out of their pan every morning. It is sometimes worth it to pay an little bit extra for a quality brand that will last for household and kitchen items used everyday.

Is It Ever A Good Idea To Buy Pots Or Pans From Stores Like Ross Or Marshall’s?

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