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Smelly Shoes? Try Arm And Hammer Shoe Spray

Nothing is worse that smelly shoes. First off, it is embarrassing. I had a friend growing up that would stink up the house every time he came over. He as a person smelled fine. But his shoes were horrendous. It was like an odor bomb exploding every time he took off his shoes. Trust me, as an adult you do not want to be this guy. Especially when there is a simple and affordable solution available. Those with stinky feet need to check out Arm and Hammer shoe refresher spray. It may not solve stinky feet, but it will take care of stinky shoes. I use it regularly.

Arm & Hammer Shoe Odor Refresher Spray
Arm & Hammer Shoe Odor Refresher Spray

I Can Smell My Feet With Shoes On

If you can smell you feet with shoes on this is not a good thing. It means one of two things. Either your feet or shoes really stink!

Arm & Hammer Shoe Odor Refresher Spray

There is no easy way around stinky shoes and foot odor. Feet sweat and start to stink. When you put them into a contained area everyday odor is going to build up over time. In the past, I tried those little odor balls to alleviate stickiness. I found this to be a waste of time. For one, you have to remember to put the odor balls inside your shoes when they are not being worn. Also, it does not work immediately like the spray. I didn’t feel like it had a lasting change. It was equivalent to quickly sticking an air freshener in your car. It does not help solve the underlying problem. But things changed when I stumbled upon shoe refresher spray!

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Arm And Hammer Shoe Deodorizer

Arm And Hammer Shoe Deodorizer
Arm And Hammer Shoe Deodorizer

This Arm & Hammer foot odor spray contains baking soda & odor neutralizing ingredients to deodorize and eliminate shoe odor. This helps to both refresh and rejuvenate smelly shoes. You can use it on sports gear as well! The ingredients include:

  • Water
  • Hydrofluorocarbon 152a
  • SD Alcohol 40-B
  • Lauryl Methacrylate
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Fragrance Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil
  • Sodium Nitrite

What Causes Bad Smell In Shoes?

Stinky shoes are caused by bacteria. The feet have a ton of sweat glands, and putting feet into socks leads to sweat. The sweat and warmth are the perfect breeding ground for smelly bacteria. As the bacteria breakdown odor is released. Shoe odor spray destroys the smell by destroying the bacteria. It is not only bacteria. The smell can be a combination of bacteria, fungus, mold, an yeast. Yuck.

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Best Shoe Odor Eliminator

Shoe Refresher Spray Ingredients

The best shoe odor eliminator is the stuff they use at the bowling alleys. These chemicals are toxic as all get out, but they work. Have you ever had bowling shoes that smell? Probably not. And think of all the people that have worn them? At one point, I was able to find this type of industrial foot deodorant spray on Amazon. It was expensive, intense, and got the job done. Lately, I couldn’t locate the specific product. Over the years, I have transitioned to the Arm & Hammer shoe spray. It is readily available at Walmart, reasonably priced, and safe to use.

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Best Foot Odor Eliminator

At $5.94 for a 4oz can, I feel this Arm & Hammer product is a solid value. I can get six to twelve months of use out of a single can. I would say on average I use it every other week. The earlier you start using it, the fresher shoes will stay over time.

Arm & Hammer Shoe Refresher Spray odor defense review
Arm & Hammer Shoe Refresher Spray Odor Defense Review

Kiwi Shoe Deodorizer & Dr. Scholl’s Odor Fighting Spray Powder

These are the the more name brand foot deodorant sprays. They will also work. I personally have not tried these brands. I feel that sometimes Dr. Scholl’s products are overpriced due to all the advertising. This is not the case for the foot odor spray. A 4.7 oz container can be picked up on Amazon for under $5.

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