Why I Love Cheap Gildan T-Shirts

Plain colored t-shirts are probably the most important item in my wardrobe. It took me a long time to realize the importance of a basic tee. For some people, this is a white undershirt. For others, this is a variety pack in a dazzling assortment of colors. The Off Brand Guy is a sweaty dude. I have covered this extensively in the past. There is no reason to ruin my expensive dress shirts with sweat stains. This is why a simple everyday t-shirt is so important. I tried many brands over the years and was never blown away. Some came apart in the wash machine. Some were overpriced or had inconsistent pricing. Then I discovered Gildan t-shirts on Amazon and never looked back.

Is Hanes Or Gildan Better Quality?

Before discovering Gildan shirts, I tried Hanes, Amazon Essentials, Fruit Of The Loom, U.S. Polo, Calvin Klein, and many others. I tried v-neck, slim fit and pretty much any style I could get my hands on. These got the job done, but none of them became my go to.

The key was to find a basic t-shirt that was cheap. There was no need to pay $15-20 for a white undershirt. This just doesn’t make sense. But even some of the cheap brands were still kind of of expensive. With Gildan the price was right.

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Gildan Men's T Shirts Styles
Gildan Men’s T Shirts Styles

Gildan T-Shirt Review

The Gildan shirts have many things going for them. First off, they are available on Amazon which is more convenient than hunting around Ross Dress For Less for a deal. Also, there are available in practically every possible color. I was going on a Safari and needed to find specifically a forest green and beige colored shirt. These color tones were hard to track down with most brands. It was no surprise to find that Gildan had both available.

I also like the sizing. Some undershirts have weird sizing. I have noticed many brands are too short in length. The fabric tends to curl up over time. Maybe this is okay for an undershirt that no one will ever see. But it doesn’t look good when worn as a regular shirt. I like to be able to wear my basic tees as a regular shirt.

Gildan Men’s T-Shirts Styles

There are a lot of styles to choose from. If you want go deep down the rabbit hole check out this style comparison by Rush Order Tees.

  • Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
  • Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt
  • Gildan Softstyle Cotton T-Shirt

Are Gildan T-Shirts Good Quality?

The quality is of a huge important to me. This has been one of my biggest issues over the years. I find myself buying a pack of undershirts to only be buying another pack three months later. I can get a solid 12-18 months of heavy use out of the Gildan brand. I wear them out before they wear out. And this is with weekly washing and drying. So many other brands seem to get destroyed in the laundry.

Sometimes the simple things in life make all the difference. This is the case with Gildan t-shirts. It is a small pleasure that makes each day a little better. Did I mention they come in a stylish fit?

Why Is Gildan So Cheap?

Hanes use to be the blank t-shirt leader. Now, Gildan has took over as the streetwear leader. Did you know that Gildan acquired American Apparel in 2017? Gildan is a Montreal based company that keeps cost down by manufacturing in low cost places like Rio Nance, Honduras and the Caribbean. In terms of price, it is a race to the bottom in the casual streetwear market.

I also highly recommend the other Gildan products such as underwear. This is a brand that doesn’t try to do too much. No goofy fabrics or weird color schemes. They are able to execute on the basics. That is something the Off Brand Guy can appreciate.

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