Tillamook Rocky Road Ice Cream Taste Test

If you have read my other ice cream posts, you know I am not a huge fan of excess fillings. But there is something special about the marshmallows and almonds in rocky road. Plus with the creaminess of Tillamook’s chocolate ice cream the taste and texture really come together. Today, I dig in to review the Tillamook Rocky Road Ice Cream flavor.

Tillamook Rocky Road Ice Cream

Tillamook Rocky Road Ice Cream Review

Made with more cream than the other guys” – Tillamook Ice Cream

There is not a lot of information available online about Tillamook rocky road ice cream. I mean you can find reviews on shopping websites and that type of thing. But I am referring to professional reviews and commentary. The Mercury news does have a piece on the best rocky road ice cream brand. But it is more of a laundry list. For example, Tillamook Rocky Road and Great Value Rocky Road ended up on the same list. And if you know anything about the Off Brand Guy, you know I am vocal about Great Value ice cream not being any good. Any list that includes both Tillamook and Walmart ice cream together is not a true taste test.

Tillamook County Creamery Association

Consumer Feedback From King Scoopers

Sometimes I enjoy reading feedback from the average consumer. Yes, they may not be a product review expert. And they do not have all the years of schooling, training, and expertise that leads to mastering the art of a product review. But the commentary is so unfiltered, genuine, and to the point.

A review by “Anonymous” sparked my interest: “But they do need more almonds in it, there is a lot of marshmallows and I don’t care to eat them anymore lol would also be nice if they made marshmallows without gelatin derived from pork”.

In hindsight, I guess I wouldn’t be against more almonds. It adds some texture and crunchiness that makes every bite more exciting.

Also, I did not know the gelatin for the marshmallows comes from pork. Doesn’t gelatin for marshmallows typically come from animal products? Maybe this consumer prefers vegan marshmallows. I guess there is a market for everything.

Tillamook Ice Cream In The Snow

How Are Marshmallows Made?

How Marshmallows Are Made | The Best Restaurants in America | Food Network
How Are Marshmallows Made

Tillamook Rocky Road Ice Cream Ingredients

Is Ice Cream Good For You?

Ice cream is not healthy. If you take a look around the web you will find blogs defending ice cream. None of this focuses on the calories or sugar, otherwise know as “the science”. But more around an anti dieting narrative. The reality is ice cream in moderation can be part of healthy lifestyle. Just like pretty much anything in life that is done in moderation. So yes, if you eat healthy and exercise regularly a bowl of ice cream is not a big deal.

Tillamook Rocky Road Ice Cream Ingredients

Where Can I Buy Tillamook Ice Cream?

Rocky Road Ice Cream

Almond Allergies

Almonds are a staple of the Rocky Road ice cream flavor. If you have nuts allergies, you may want to reconsider. Believe it or not both vegan rocky road and nut free rocky road ice cream are a real thing.

Really Creamy Ice Cream

Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream

If you really want to save some money you can actually make ice cream at home. Not a bad quarantine activity. But will it taste as good as Tillamook Rocky Road ice cream?

Homemade Rocky Road ICE CREAM

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