Dollar Tree Play-Doh For The Distracted Mind

There is a lot of junk at Dollar Tree. This is especially true in the toy section. Dollar Tree carries many items that are sure to end up in a land fill shortly after being purchased. They also offer some hidden gems. In the article, we research and review one of the best Dollar Tree toys. That is Dollar Tree Play-Doh. Not only does Dollar Tree sell an off brand version simply called Dough. As of 2022, some stores carry the name brand Play-Doh manufactured by Hasbro. I picked up a container for $1.25 on my recent visit. Nothing is more fun than working from home with a container of Play-Doh on my desk.

I could not find the name brand Play-Doh on the Dollar Tree’s website. So it must be store specific. Or maybe they just do not advertise the product. This could be based on an agreement with Hasbro.

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Is Dollar Tree Play-Doh Safe?

Yes, both the off brand and name brand Dollar Tree Play-Doh is safe. It even says so on the container. It is non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D-4236, whatever that means.

Does Dollar Tree Carry Silly Putty?

Yes, they offer multiple varieties of activity dough, putty, and slime. I love the off brand name they chose. Rather than Play-Doh, it is activity modeling dough. A very practical name. Not surprisingly, the also sell slime, glitter slime, and scented slime. If you are feeling bored, you can also track down Flarp! a putty that makes noise.

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Benefits Of Playing With Slime

Did you know there are real health benefits to playing with products like Play-Doh and slime? This is true for both kids and adults. It has the ability to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and help distracted children focus. It is not uncommon to see slime products throughout elementary school classrooms these days. It is a simple and affordable solution to help a distracted people pay attention.

Best Dollar Tree Toys

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Dollar Tree Play-Doh

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