Funniest Off Brand Food

People love making fun of off brand products. Considering our website is a huge fan of off brand products, I do not know what to think of this. I have to admit sometimes off brand stuff is funny. Especially silly off brand food products. If you really think about though, name brand products are funnier. I mean seriously consumers pay more money for everyday items simply because a company puts a product on a commercial or a billboard. There is no additional value created through these marketing efforts. Sometimes I like to sit back and laugh at the people who ignore the value of off brand products. For this article, we decided to give in and look at the funniest off brand food products out there.

Funniest Knock Off Food

Off Brand Guy

1. Nut Master

Who doesn’t like putting some Nutella on their morning toast? With a name like this it is hard to resist.

2. Bob Burguer

Bob is a very common name. Also, there is nothing unusual about naming a restaurant after a person. Though, most millennials can only think of the animated cartoon Bob’s Burgers after seeing this picture. Can a restaurant really be off brand? I am not really sure.

3. Chocolate O’s & Other Oreo Knockoffs

I have to be honest. These look pretty good. Not the gluten free part. Unless that is your thing. They almost look higher quality than the real name brand Oreos. Off brand snacks are so expensive! The Off Brand Guy is a big fan of off brand snacks including cookies. Check out the link below to see our take on the Walmart Great Value Oreos.

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Funniest Off Brand Everyday Things

4. The North Fake and The Huge Mountain

When I went to Vietnam I saw fake North Face clothing for sale everywhere. In this case, the clothing actually stated North Face. I like this product more. It is so honest. Nothing is more off brand than wearing a item that explicitly states it is fake. This brings up a good point. Fake products are not the same as off brand products. Fake products are almost guaranteed to be poor quality. First off, they are illegal. Second, they are based on deception. A true off brand product is honest about what it is.

5. Movable Stick

This is so stupid that we had to include it. Now, this is an honest product. As we discuss here on Off Brand Guy, name brand products are usually overpriced due to marketing and fluff. Think about how the name brand version of this product would be labeled? It would be made to seem more valuable and functional than it really was. No one is going to be overpaying for a product called Movable Stick!

Funny Generic Food Brands

6. Dr. Perky Soda

There are so many off brand and private label sodas. We have done an extensive review of the Safeway Signature Select soda line here on our website. The Safeway or Walmart names are not nearly as funny as Dr. Perky. It doesn’t even make sense. What is perky about Dr. Pepper? Regardless, this is a classic.

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7. Red Balls Energy Drink

Nothing like a sexual innuendo to get the attention of consumers. Of course it would be for an energy drink product. I feel like teenagers drink these type of beverages more than anyone. They are the perfect customer to appreciate the off handed humor. Why drink Red Bull when you can drink Red Balls?

8. Mountain Lightening

This one is less funny and more a straight rip off. They did not even try to be creative in coming up with a name. It is so lazy in fact it almost appears like a fake product rather than a store brand. Have any readers tried the Mountain Lightning soft drink?

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Funniest Off Brand Food

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