Crappy Off Brands That Are Actually Good

There is a popular subreddit called r/crappyoffbrands that focuses on making fun of off brand products. The premise is pretty simple. Users post images of silly or lazily named knock off products. For whatever reason this page is a huge success. There are Youtube videos and other articles covering the silly world of off brand products. While we find this amusing, we think something gets lost in the noise. There is a whole lot of value to be found in generic and knock off products. A quality store brand or generic product in many instances can be just as good as the name brand at a fraction of the price. Today, we look through the extensive postings on the Crappy Off Brands Reddit page to find off brand products that are actually gems.

Crappy Off Brands Subreddit Items That Are Worth The Savings

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1. Off Brand Icy Hot

The Off Brand Guy is a big fan of off brand health and hygiene items. Companies use the health factor to make sure these products have massive profit margins. In many cases the generic offerings will get the job done. The Walmart Icy Hot is a great example. Check out our article below to learn more.

2. KaleidOs – Kroger Off Brand Oreos

Snack food is so expensive. Not because the ingredients are valuable. It is because all the marketing that goes into these products. There are some great generic alternatives available at about half the cost. I will acknowledge that not all off brand snacks are created equal. That is why the Off Brand Guy provides extensive reviews on which products are worth the savings.

3. Off Brand Walmart Oreos

We really hit it hard with the off brand Oreos. This is because cookies are expensive. While the Crappy Off Brands subreddit makes fun of all the knock off Oreos. The savings available from these products is no laughing matter!

4. Safeway Off Brand Mountain Dew

Off brand soda is another item that continually tops the list. Every store has their own version. The quality of these beverages in comparison to the name brands is at times debatable. Some store brands are decent, others are too sweet and can come across as under carbonated. Read our many reviews of the Safeway Signature Select soda brand to learn more.

5. Knockoff Girl Scout Cookies 

Okay, Girl Scout cookies have to be the most overpriced snack of all time. Yes, I do understand the money goes towards a good cause. But sometimes, you just need to eat well and save a few bucks in the process. Look no farther than Walmart’s Caramel Coconut & Fudge Cookies. Walmart has no problem mimicking the Girl Scouts famous cookie recipe.

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