Safeway Seltzer Water Vs. La Croix Seltzer

Welcome to the seltzer water review and showdown. The sparking water market has exploded over the last few years. It is one of the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverage segments. In this article we will take a close look at my favorite, Safeway Seltzer Water.

Vodka And Seltzer Water

The alcoholic seltzer market also continues to expand and grow. This will be covered in a future post as I pursue the tough task of downing hard seltzers such as Bud Light Seltzer, Whiteclaw, Truly, and Corona Hard Seltzer one weekend. Maybe even a Natural Light (Natty Light) Seltzer! All for the sake of our loyal Off Brand Guy viewers.

But for now we focus in on sparking water. Seltzer water is a great alternative to soda, and nothing is more refreshing than a water beverage with carbonation and some light flavor.

Safeway Signature Select -  Seltzer Water
Safeway Select Seltzer Water

Seltzer Water Brands

Safeway Signature Select   Seltzer Water La CroixSafeway Signature Select Soleil
Price12 Cans – $2.99
24 Cans – $5.99
12 Cans – $5.99
24 Cans – $11.99
12 Cans – $3.99
Can Size12 Oz12 Oz12 Oz
Price Per Oz$0.25 cents per can$0.50 cents per can
$0.33 cents per can
Some Of The Flavors AvailablePlain, Berry, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange, RaspberryLemon, Lime, Coconut, Grapefruit, Peach-pear, Tangerine, Passionfruit, Orange, Apricot, Mango, and the list goes on… (20+ in total)Berry, Lemon, Black Cherry, Blackberry Vanilla, Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Mango Passionfruit
PackagingBoring, plainShiny, modernFestive, Fun
Carbonation MediumMediumMedium
TasteFlavor is slightly abruptSoft, smooth, mellow flavorSimilar to the Safeway Signature Select Seltzer beverage, but with a more robust flavor profile
Seltzer Water Ingredients0 Calories and Sodium Free0 Calories and Sodium Free0 Calories and Sodium Free

Off Brand – Safeway Signature Select Seltzer Water

Safeway Select Seltzer Water
Safeway Seltzer Water Nutrition Facts

Simple and straightforward carbonated seltzer water with no nonsense flavor options. The beauty here is the cost. At $0.25 cents per unit you can justify popping open a can even if just for a couple sips. The flavors
are mostly mellow, even though at the times the aftertaste is slightly artificial in presentation.

Off Brand – Safeway Signature Select Soleil

This is a new introduction to the market. It is also a Safeway private label product, and at its core it is identical to the Safeway Signature Select Seltzer Water. It must have been released due to Millennials’ love for premium seltzer water. The only difference with Safeway Soleil other than the branding is that the flavor options are closely similar to the exotic flavor combinations offered by the name brand, La Croix.

Name Brand – La Croix Seltzer Review

The La Croix brand is cool, hip, and pretty much a lifestyle brand. Maybe because it sounds fancy. Did you know the company is actually based in Wisconsin? You also pay a cost for this branding, about twice as much per can to be exact. The flavor is tastefully done and I would choose La Croix if cost was of no importance. But considering I drink a few seltzer waters everyday, I value the cost over anything else for this type of product.

Verdict: Safeway Signature Select Seltzer Water – Just as Good

Yes, the flavor may be slightly better with La Croix, and the flavor options more exotic. But this in no way is worth twice the cost. Especially for an item that is frequently purchased! If flavor is of paramount importance, explore Safeway’s Soleil beverage line for a few cents more per can.

Buy Lime Seltzer Water

Seltzer Water Review
Lemon Flavor Seltzer Water

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  • I have been purchasing Safeway seltzer water for nearly 25 years and when I first started buying them at my local store, they were $1.49 for a 12 pack the last time. I saw him they were $4.49. I don’t believe it is truly because of inflation but I think it’s just that is supplying the man and they sort of have me by the short hair. Now that I’m in Arizona where it was available until just recently it has disappeared from the shelves, and I can only think that they are either rebranding or repackaging due to shrink inflation soon reappear and only packages of eight that’s my guess but I’m surprised to learn that they also own the fancy brand and maybe that’s where they’re trying to direct the traffic. I am a true blue capitalist, but going to those links really me even at $.25 per Canon, I don’t think that they cost of producing the product has gone up that much. It’s just corporate greed and I have to say it, but it must be the Mormons that are doing it to us. I have nothing against Mormons personally, but I have dealt business with Mormon companies and they are the worst, I’ve ever had to deal with so this just came into my mind that must be the reason. I don’t know if this post is published which I don’t care not my intent, but Albertsons recently emerged from bankruptcy few years ago recently recently purchased Safeway. All I can say is God help us that the merger between Kroger and someone I can’t remember has gone to stray and I have to come that crazy. Left this woman for Massachusetts Senators or what’s your name I can’t remember is it Pocahontas oh Elizabeth warm , it was a typo, but so apperpo


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