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Suave Styling Paste – Affordable Men’s Hair Product

I use to think Suave hair products were for divorced single dads when they learned how to shop again. Those massive bottles of Ocean Breeze Shampoo that are only a couple of bucks. I mean, I get it. If you haven’t shopped for hygiene products in awhile, then go to store to find row after row lined with Suave shampoos and conditioners in an endless variety of of colors and scents. Recently, the Suave Styling Paste for men has changed my perception of the brand.

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What is styling paste? – Suave Hair Paste

There are different answers available as to the definition of a hair paste. In my opinion hair pastes fall into the pomade category, as a wax based hair styling product. In general, there is agreement that styling pastes are thicker in consistency than pomades. Pastes are known to be a quite versatile product due to the texture and consistency. Mister Pompadour is a good resource for those that want to learn more.

Suave Men Styling Paste
Styling Paste Twist Off Container

Suave Men Styling Paste Main Ingredients

Suave states that the product is specifically formulated for men’s hair. The main ingredients include:

  • Water (aqua)
  • Petrolatum Beeswax
  • Stearic Acid
  • PVP
  • Glycol Sterate
  • Steareth-21
  • PEG-100

How do you use Suave Styling Paste?

It is recommended to apply the paste to your hair starting from the crown of your head and then working to the front, on slightly wet hair. My favorite part of the hair product is the way it feels in my hands. A soft, creamy paste that smells good. So many of the pomades and gels are waxy and stiff in your hand and then you have to force them into your hair. This is not the case for Suave Men Styling Paste.

Suave Styling Paste Review

Just like the Equate Pomade, Suave compares itself to the name brand American Crew products. In this case specifically, the American Crew Defining Paste. This suave hair product is highly rated by customers because it is reasonably priced and because it doesn’t make your hair feel like it has a bunch of product in it. The only downside is the lack of shine. For me this doesn’t really matter, but it is a truly a matte finish. The smell is magnificent. A mellow masculine scent that makes me look forward to applying it everyday. No greasy feel, no flakes or residue, and it is made with ingredients designed specifically for men’s hair.

Suave Styling Paste Review
Suave Professionals Brand

Suave Men Medium Hold

According to Suave, the aim of the styling paste is to keeps your hair in place without making it too stiff or sticky. A medium hold provides a pliable hold, while still allowing a natural dimension. This will work great for most hair types. Note, that if you have thick hair it will take a generous amount of product to get the style you are looking for.

Suave Men’s Styling Paste Discontinued

Suave Men Styling Paste is a popular product, so much so that retailers are known to sell out quickly. The product had been discontinued in 2015 and then brought back in 2017 with a “new look”.  Unilever, who owns the Suave brand, began selling a more expensive and slightly tweaked Dove version in 2015, right after discontinuing the Suave styling paste. Loyal users of the Suave product complained of a weaker hold and stronger scent (check out the Reddit discussion). But the good news it has been regulary available over the last few years.

Suave Pomade

The product is under $3 at most retailers for 1.75oz of product. A 1.75oz container is on the smaller size, but the price breakdown of about $1.68 per ounce is very reasonable.

Suave Men Firm Hold Styling Gel – 7oz

If you want to branch out from the styling paste Suave does have other budget hair products available.

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