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Best TikTok Finance Influencers

The new craze is personal finance content on TikTok. The Economist suggests that a quarter of young Americans have used the social media platform for financial advice. This includes hashtags such #personalfinance, #moneytok, and #financialliteracy. We have done our research to find the best TikTok finance influencers.

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1. Top TikTok Finance Influencer – @humphreytalks

If you look around online Humphrey Yang tops the list as one of the most well known TikTok finance influencers. The videos are is the popular back and forth style where he takes the role of two people having a conversation. Humphrey tackles topics such as mortgages, credit cards, taxes, stocks, and much more. In addition, Humphrey has a YouTube channel and newsletter with personal finance content. According to Fortune, Humphrey Yang has “became Gen Z’s finfluencer version of Warren Buffett”.

2. Money Saving Influencer – @yourrichbff

Vivian or yourrichbff is an ex-wall streeter sharing advice on how to build wealth. She covers a wide range of topics from the benefits of 529 plans to how to get free guacamole at Chipotle. The videos are matter of fact and right to the point. Vivian describes herself as “your favorite finance girly”. She recently signed a deal that will “expand her business in areas including TV, podcasts, books and brand partnerships”.

3. Top Business Influencer – @marktilbury

Mark Tilbury is an English entrepreneur, YouTuber, and TikTok star. He is a well known social media personality that describes himself as a “self made millionaire”. He shares money hacks on topics such as stocks, taxes, and common financial traps. He currently has over seven million follows on the TikTok platform. He is known as an entrepreneur who quit school at 16 and found success in the retail business.

4. Money Influencer On TikTok – @nicktalksmoney

Nick Meyer is a Certified Financial Planner that tries to make personal finance fun. Like Humphrey Yang, many of his videos are in the style of pretending to be two people having a conversation. The videos are well produced. He is by far the goofiest and most fun creator in the personal finance space. The financial publication Kiplinger describes Nick as one of the sources you can trust. This is because he lists his CFP qualifications and includes the disclaimer that he is not offering financial advice.

5. TikTok Careers Top Influencer – @corporatenatalie

Natalie’s tagline describes her profile as “corporate America by day, aspiring TikTok star by night”. She rose to fame making videos that poke fun as work culture. Yes, this may be outside the personal finance space. But career influencers are the new trend on TikTok. She helps capture a few things that make Gen Z unique in the workplace. Such as how they use side hustles to build skills and how they are more open about their vulnerabilities than previous generations.

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6. Top Personal Finance Influencer To Follow – @seth.godwin

Seth Godwin (aka the Seth “The Godfather” Godwin) has a large built a large following on the platform. His videos explain basic money concepts in simple ways, without the gimmicky style of other creators. He has been featured in Insider & Yahoo for his insightful personal finance content.

7. Top Money Expert – @herfirst100k

TikTok Finance Influencer Shares Her Best Money-Saving Tips

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