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Walmart Dental Floss: Comparison & Review

I use to think all dental floss was equal, but that is not the case. And actually, up until recently, I don’t think I have purchased dental floss all that often. I use to survive on all the free samples from the dentist that I saved up over the years. These samples were typically the name brand Oral-B Advanced Multi-Protection Floss. So I figured all dental floss was this effective. But trust me, there is a reason dentists give out the name brand Oral-B variety. After a few bad purchases, I landed upon an off brand Walmart dental floss that does the job.

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Dental Floss Types
Dental Floss Types

Equate Dental Floss

Not all Equate dental floss is the same. I started by purchasing the cheapest variety I could find. This happened to be 55 yards of Dental Floss Mint Waxed in a white container. Walmart states that “Mint Waxed Dental Floss is designed to help remove plaque and leave you with cleaner, fresher breath. Equate Mint Waxed Dental Floss compares to Reach Mint Waxed Floss and helps to prevent gingivitis and remove plaque between teeth and below the gum line.”

This product is so bad I have plenty of yards remaining to prove the point. The only redeeming feature is how cheap it is at only $0.87 cents per pack. It is painful to use, though. The material splits and it has a tendency to get stuck in the deep molars. I have never tried the “Reach” main brand version by Johnson & Johnson that this supposedly compares to, but there is no way it is this bad. Or who knows, maybe I just have a difficult mouth to floss?

Dental Floss Types – Unwaxed Dental Floss Walmart

Before we get into the review for the next Walmart dental floss product, let’s breakdown the different types of floss available. The product in the white container above is a traditional wax material, just a poorly produced one.

The other type of dental floss reviewed is also a waxed floss, but is more comfort oriented. It is more slippery in texture. As stated by the manufacturer “Glide floss has a light coating of natural wax for improved grip, and effectively removes plaque and food particles to help prevent cavities. It also helps to prevent bad breath and surface stains between your teeth.” From my experience it properly slides between the teeth without shredding.

Oral B Glide Pro Health Floss
Walmart’s Version Of Glide Advanced Multi-Protection Floss

In addition, the other types of dental floss products available include:

  • Unwaxed floss (this idea scares me!)
  • Dental tape
  • Super floss
  • Satin floss
  • Flossers (the ones with a handle)

Extra Comfort Dental Floss

My second purchase was the turquoise two-pack container of Equate Comfort Dental Floss which is Walmart’s version of the Oral-B Glide Advanced Multi-Protection Floss. This performed so much better than the traditional white container floss. It moved smoothly in and out of my teeth and didn’t get stuck on the molars in the back. Of course if I don’t floss for a little awhile my gums may still be sensitive, but at least I can get through a flossing session.

Extra Comfort Dental Floss
Extra Comfort Dental Floss

Mint Dental Floss

Remember when you were a child and when you went in for your six month dental cleaning you got to pick the flavor of the types of products they used throughout the cleaning session. I remember there was this creamy foam stuff they used and I always picked the root beer flavor. At first glance, you may think flavor doesn’t matter. Caring about the flavor of your floss is for children, right? That may be true, but that is good thing. If the flavor of a dental floss product gets you or your children excited about flossing, then that can help lead to better dental health.

Equate Dental Floss
Equate Dental Floss

Crazy Dental Floss Flavors Available Online:

  • Cupcake
  • Bacon
  • Pickle
  • Bubble Gum
  • Grape

Floss Your Teeth

As a blog that focuses around saving money on the little things, I need to stress the importance of regularly flossing your teeth. Yes, missing one day is not the end of world. But in my mind, flossing is actually more effective than brushing. You have to get in the habit of enjoying flossing. Every last tooth. As dental work is not cheap!

Best Dental Floss – Glide Advanced Multi-Protection Floss

I’ll be honest, I have not tried every dental floss on the market. But in general, I am man of simplicity. The Off Brand Guy chooses Oral-B Glide Advanced Multi-Protection floss as the best dental floss. If you want to save some money, look for an off brand dental floss versions that compare, such as Walmart dental floss, Extra Comfort Dental Floss.

Oral B Glide Superfloss Walmart & Dental Water Flosser

Stay tuned for a future review on Oral B Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss and also a deep dive into the topic of what can be accomplished with a dental water flosser.

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