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The Six Worst Off Brand Products

Sometimes it pays off to spend more on the name brand. Most of the time name brand products cost more due to marketing efforts and higher profit margins. But in some cases cost does align with quality. Over the years the team at Off Brand Guy has done extensive research to identify which knock off products are worth the savings. In this article we identify six of the worst off brand products.

What Is A Knock Off Brand?

A knock off product is one that is not associated with a major logo or brand name. It is a product that lacks the overall marketing and packaging efforts. Therefore, it sells at a lower price. Knock off products are known for imitating the characteristics of the original, name brand item. In common culture it is typically considered inferior to the name brand alternative. This is not necessarily true.

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Terrible Off Brand Products

Off Brand Guy
Off Brand Guy

1. Off Brand Cheese

Off brand dairy products are not very good. In my area the cheapest brand for cheese, milk, creamer, and eggs is Lucerne. Did you know Lucerne is a subsidiary of Safeway? I use to make this work to save a few bucks. To be fair these items were much cheaper. The problem is the flavor of the cheese was always so bland. It made every meal a little less exciting. I have given in and decided to shell out for Tillamook Creamery products. A big block of cheese can cost upwards of $9 but the rich, nuanced flavor makes me happy with every bite.

2. Off Brand Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most popular topics on Off Brand Guy. This is ironic because knock off ice cream is horrible. I’ll admit it. I tried to like store brand ice cream. I just could not make it work. I shop at Safeway most weeks. I tried all the exotic flavors. I thought if maybe I went crazy with Caramel Caribou, a toffee flavored ice cream with chocolatey caramel cups and caramel swirls that maybe it would work out. It was okay. But I recommend you spend a few more bucks and get Tillamook ice cream. They key is stocking up while it is on sale!

3. Off Brand Batteries

Most people are skeptical of off brand batteries. At face value they almost seem to good to be true. This is indeed the case. I tried the Dollar Tree batteries in a variety of devices and they are consistently terrible. Maybe you could make these work okay in low drain devices, but it is not worth the hassle.

It is best to invest in quality rechargeable batteries. Over the long run you will get the best value out of this decision. The Off Brand Guy recommends Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries. If you purchase these online just be careful that you do not end up with fakes. Make sure to purchase these from a trusted retailer.

4. Off Brand Toothbrush Heads

This may be one of the worst ways to save money. The decision to purchase generic toothbrush heads will bother you every single night as you brush your teeth. Imagine putting this rusted piece of metal into your mouth every night without knowing it. I am really surprised that it is so hard to make a decent knock off toothbrush head. I think it simply comes down to material costs. The generic products have much lower quality metal and plastic. These materials are prone to rust. Also, hard bristles can cause gum irritation. It is not worth it. Run away!

5. Off Brand Dental Floss

We have some good news and some bad news. There is an off brand dental floss that will do the job. It just happens to be the more premium and expensive of the off brand options. If you shop at Walmart make sure to purchase the Equate Extra Comfort dental floss, rather than the standard Equate dental floss. The material splits and it has a tendency to get stuck in the deep molars. The Equate Extra Comfort materials moves smoothly in and out of teeth and doesn’t get stuck on the molars in the back.

6. Off Brand Cologne

Do you want to smell cheap? I didn’t think so. Cologne is one of the most overpriced items of all time. Seriously, it is purely marketing. European American Designs manufacturers the knock off cologne products sold at the Dollar Tree. While they do a good job of generally replicating the essence of the name brand, the products lack the subtlety. They come off too strong initially, and then the scents tend to fade throughout the day. Seriously, these products smell cheap.

Terrible Generic Products

The WORST Knock Off Brands You WON'T BELIEVE..

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