Great Value Chips At Walmart: 53% Cheaper Than The Name Brand

Potato chips are all about nuance. As you may know the Off Brand Guy takes this food item category pretty seriously. Check out my previous investigation of the Best Potato Chips, in which I compare Lay’s Classic Chips to Safeway’s off brand variety. This time around I look at Great Value Potato Chips from Walmart. While out camping I decided to save some money and grab a 14.75 oz bag of Great Value barbecue chips for only $2.16. Was it worth it?

Chips Walmart – Off Brand Chips

Walmart is a great place to buy chips in general. For prepackaged food like chips and cereal, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible deal at Walmart. Whether Lays, Ruffles, or Kettle Chips it is a good place to stock up.

Walmart Great Value Potato Chips

First off, let’s take a look at the price. $2.16 for a party size bag is super cheap. It breaks down to 13.5 cents per ounce. Even at Lay’s at Walmart are 29.1 cents per once. These off brand chips offer a 53% savings in comparison.

Taste – Great Value BBQ Chips

I am a big fan of BBQ flavored chips. It is also a good flavor to use as a benchmark in comparing off brand chips to the name brand. To be clear, I have high expectations for what I desire in barbecue chips.

Chips Walmart
BBQ Chips Walmart

As I devoured this full bag while camping on a beautiful August evening, I became increasingly impressed with the flavor profile. These chips were no joke. As with any chips, the barbecue flavoring is artificial, but it wasn’t over done. The flavor popped with the first bite, and slowly subsided, as it should. No strange aftertaste. No sensation of the artificial flavor lingering. I immediately couldn’t wait to get back to a computer and report this finding to the loyal off brand community.

Texture – Great Value Potato Chips

I could pick up on one difference between the name brand and off brand chips, and that was in the texture. Lay’s BBQ chips by comparison have a soft fluffy texture and the chips almost melt in your mouth. I don’t know if Lay’s are actually lighter, but they sure taste like it. This definitely isn’t a deal breaker. But it is interesting to the note this “magic” of the name brand variety.

Nutrition – Walmart Great Value Chips

Just like the name brand, chips are not a very healthy snack. A party size bag has about 15 servings at 150 calories per serving. So doing the math that puts us at about 2250 calories for a full bag. One single serving has 10g of fat and 150mg of Sodium. And these things are addictive.

Great Quality. Great Price. Guranteed.

Walmart Satisfaction Guarantee Tweet
Walmart Satisfaction Guarantee Tweet

As with any Great Value product from Walmart, the Great Value potato chips are covered under “Great Quality. Great Price. Guaranteed” promise. If for any reason a customer is not happy with the product, Walmart will replace it or return the money. Whatever you prefer. All you need is the package. Walmart even clarifies on social media that this still applies if the product is open. So now you have no excuse. Go try some Walmart Great Value potato chips today!

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