Arm & Hammer Soap – The Cheapest Name Brand

Arm & Hammer is always the cheapest of the name brands. This could be the signature brand for Off Brand Guy. A perfect balance of quality and value. Lately, I discovered Arm & Hammer soap products at Dollar Tree. I figured these would be worth trying out. I am not a fan of the ultra cheap soaps like White Rain or Suave. This are the types of hygiene products that divorced single dads stock up on. But I can trust Arm & Hammer, right?

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Does Dollar Tree Sell Arm & Hammer?

I got familiar with Arm & Hammer by using their laundry detergent. I never trusted the super cheap knock off laundry detergents. I have always been concerned that these soaps would ruin my fancy clothes or the washing machine. I noticed that the Arm & Hammer detergent was a lot cheaper than the other name brands. I figured I could trust it as a known entity.

Arm & Hammer Ultra Max 3 In 1 Review

I am no beauty expert. I have never understood the difference between shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I figured it was like greeting cards. Something companies make up to sell more products. As an average dude, I like the idea of a three in one. It keeps things simple.

The Arm & Hammer Ultra Max 3 In 1 provides a solid manly scent. I see no reason why this couldn’t be my everyday go to soap. I have only one complaint. The soap comes out fast. Way too fast. If you are not careful you could go through a full container in one week.

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Arm & Hammer Ultra Max

Arm & Hammer Foaming Body Wash

This is a premium product at a low cost. The Off Brand Guy has covered again and again how companies make up novel products to differentiate and charge more. Starbucks cold foam, anyone? Foaming soap is no different. It is all the rage these days. Nothing says luxury like treating house guests to the magical experience of foaming soap. While I am a skeptic of overpaying, foaming soap is nice. It somehow makes the experience of washing your hands fun. The Arm & Hammer foaming body wash will save you from overpaying for the name brand varieties.

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Arm & Hammer Hand Soap
Arm & Hammer Foaming Body Wash

Arm & Hammer Body Wash

The nice thing about name brands is you get options. This holds true for Arm & Hammer. The Ultra Max 3 in 1 is a body wash for the men and boys of the house. The Arm & Hammer Essentials Body Wash is for everyone else. This is a standard body wash without the bold masculine scent. The Dollar Tree has Arm & Hammer soap products to fit the needs of everyone in your household.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Body Wash
Arm & Hammer Essentials Body Wash

Arm & Hammer Laundry Soap

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